Reason #1 Why Believers Don't Share the Gospel at Work 

They feel unqualified

My husband and I have led life group for a few years. We’ve met so many wonderful people who are now friends through this small group bible study. Each week towards the end we would always ask, what’s holding you back from sharing the gospel at work? Amid the silence someone would get the courage to answer first. But the answers we heard week over week, remained the same. The main reason was they felt unqualified.   

Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you know someone who feels this way. It’s not that you don’t love God and it's not that you aren’t grateful for what Jesus did on the cross. 

But is it possible that the thought of sharing the gospel at work would then open up the floor for questions you might not know the answers to yet? 

Feeling unqualified or unsure of how to answer potential questions can overwhelm especially if we forget to ask God for help. This thought that you have to produce all the answers or you can’t share the gospel because haven’t studied enough that's what's holding you back. Your fears make you focus on yourself not God. 

So what’s the solution?
  • Prayer, ask God to replace the thought of feeling unqualified with the truth that you are called. (John 15:7, Phil 4:13, Romans 1:16) 
  • Read God’s word to get equipped with answers. (Psalms 119:18, 2 Timothy 2:7)
  • Walking by faith and not your feelings. (2 Corinthians 5:7, Proverbs 3:5-6)
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