The Story Behind Corporate Missionary 

Hi! I'm Kiana Wheeler and here’s the story behind Corporate Missionary. 

9 years ago when I first started working in a corporate setting, I was nervous, eager and hungry to learn. At this point in my life I had already accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior but I wanted to take the next step to use my platform at work to share the gospel. 

I kind of jumped in head first. Along the way my confidence in God grew and I started to share the gospel with anyone who would listen. As I grew in my relationship with Christ, he taught me how to pray for my colleagues, how to walk in the gift of evangelism and how to share my personal testimony. With God's help, I was able to share the gospel with many of my colleagues and business vendors. 

After a few years of gaining valuable work experience it helped me land my dream job! But two weeks in on that dream job, I was rushed to the hospital for something that the doctors mentioned was incurable. I was shocked. The doctors weren’t sure how I would end up even with the treatment plan they suggested. But I knew God was going to heal my body 100%. 

While in the hospital, God reminded me of a dream that he place in my heart a few months earlier while traveling back from a mission trip with my husband, Matt. So I took pen to paper and began to write the outline for the book, Corporate Missionary. After 21 days in the hospital the doctors came in and said I was completely healed but they didn’t know how, especially since my body wasn’t responding to treatment. But I knew that this medical mystery wasn’t a mystery at all. God did it! I made sure I gave God the credit in front of the doctors. 

So after being released from the hospital, I had some of the toughest days of my life. I returned to that “dream job” but things there had changed drastically. But my hope was anchored in Christ and he reminded me that working for him is the only dream job I needed. So I went back to the basics and started sharing the gospel with my colleagues. 

My good friend, Emy, would laugh because she would tell you that I was made for this. Being a corporate missionary. And now I want to encourage you and your church community to take the challenge and become a corporate missionary too. Learn how to share your faith at work. Feel equipped and empowered to use your personal testimony to make Jesus’ name known among your colleagues.

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